Earn your certificate by completing our test


For the Shell Duo Colour Led Stripe

It is important that all installers are familiair and competent with the installation of the Duo Colour Led Stripe. Therefore, we developed a quick and easy on-line training program, which will ensure that the engineers have the relevant information that they need for installing the Duo Colour Led Stripe. 

At first, please read the Duo Colour Led Stripe Specification and Installation Guide. For the next step, you will need to complete a ‘Multiple-choice Q & A Training Test’ and submit your answers within a 10-minute period. If you fail to answer all the questions correctly you will have to re-take the test again which may involve answering different questions. If you pass the test, the system will automatically congratulate you and inform our technical team, who will add your name and details to our database of ‘Approved Installers’.

Please follow the instructions very thoroughly:

  1. Please read the Duo Colour Led Stripe Installation Guide thoroughly
  2. Click on the ‘Duo Colour Led Stripe Training Test’  
  3. Provide your name, the company you work for and the date
  4. The questions are multiple choice and require an X against the correct answer
  5. Please be aware there might be more than one correct answer to a question therefore, put a X against all the correct answers
  6. When you’re ready, click ‘Start the Training Test’
  7. You have only 10-minutes to answer 20 questions and submit your test, you need to have 17 answers correct
  8. You will receive an immediate pass or fail result – if you fail the test then you will have to re-take the test

Best of luck